Thanks to everyone who helped make this year's Kids' Entertainer Fest & Kids' Entertainer Hall of Fame  event such an amazing experience.

This years' Kids' Entertainer Hall of Fame inductees were Pee-wee Herman, Bozo The Clown, Jozo Bozo The Clown, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Christopher T. Magician, and Max Maven.  We will post photos and video of the event here soon.

This year's Kids Entertainer Fest online educational event included over 20 hours of workshops, classes, and talks from 14 speakers including the legendary Marcela "Mama Clown" Murad, and Swazzle Puppet Studio.  We will have dates and information up soon to join us at the next one.

And look for the return of Uncle Buster's Kids' Entertainer Emporium and our free lecture series in the coming weeks.  After I have had a nap and recovered a bit from our online events of course.

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See you soon,
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