Welcome to Kids' Entertainer Fest!   If you are an entertainer who is interested in spending time with, collaborating with, and learning from others who are serious about creating magical and memorable experiences for kids and families, this is the place for you.

Happening June 2nd to 6th, exclusively online.  Here's what we have in store for you at Kids' Entertainer Fest...

Keynote Speaker DJ Lance Rock.

During our opening event on June 2nd, Lance Robertson (aka DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba) , will pop in to speak and help set the tone of the event.

Motivation, Marketing, & Branding

Thursday, June 3rd is all about getting fired up and inspired about the important work that happens between the gigs, and ideas to hopefully get you even more and bigger gigs.

Performer Talks

June 4th & 5th will feature talks from some of the most talented and respected variety arts performers in the world.  All with the focus mainly on theatrical skills.  So even if you don't do magic, or puppetry, or clown, every presenter will discuss ideas and concepts that you can incorporate into your own work as a family entertainer.


What would an entertainer convention be without shows?

We asked some of our most talented friends to create quick videos to show before most of the sessions begin.

And then on Saturday evening, we are very proud to present one of our all time favorite variety shows, Lindsay Benner's Women In Vaudeville. 

Late Night ZOOM Jam & Hang Out

Just like with in-person events, late night jams and socializing are one of the most important parts of an event.  

10pm to Midnight on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, Annie Banannie will be on hand to host as all the night owls share ideas and chat.

Sunday ZOOM Brunch

Our final event is The Sunday Zoom Brunch.  Go ahead, order in.  Have something delivered from that local place you love so much.  Make yourself a pitcher of Mimosas.  You deserve it!

Then enjoy your brunch with all of your new Kids' Entertainer Fest friends via Zoom, while Shana Sharp & Buster Balloon  provide entertainment and reveal what is in your DIGITAL GOODIE BAG.

Speaking of which...


At the end of Kids' Entertainer Fest you will be given a link to your DIGITAL GOODIE BAG!  

Your DIGITAL GOODIE BAG is a file filled with downloads and links to all sorts of BONUS materials provided by our Exhibitors & Sponsors.  Balloon twisting tutorials, face painting tutorials, magic tricks, maybe some discount codes for their products, and more!